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Where is the Prosecutor's Office?
Our address is 128 North Cullen Street.
What is Pre-Trial Deferral?
The Jasper County Prosecutor's Office offers a Pre-Trial Deferral to certain drivers who qualify to keep a moving violation from appearing on your driving record.
How do I enroll in the Pre-Trial Deferral Program?
If you believe you qualify for Pre-Trial Deferral, please contact Darlene Risner at (219) 866-9413 to have the paperwork sent to you.
I have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), why don't I qualify?
Federal Regulation 384.226 states: "The State must not mask, defer imposition of judgment, or allow an individual to enter into a diversion program that would prevent a CDL driver's conviction for any violation, in any type of motor vehicle, of a State or local traffic control law (except a parking violation) from appearing on the driver's record, whether the driver was convicted for an offense committed in the State where the driver is licensed or another State."
Results 1-4 of 4