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Where can I find birth and death certificates?
Birth and death certificates are found at the Jasper County Health Department.
Where is the Jasper County Recorder's Office?
The Recorder's office is STE 203 at 115 W Washington Street in Rensselaer.
How do I file a mechanic's lien?
The Recorder's Office does not supply a form for the lien.
Is Jasper County recording electronically?
Yes. At the present time we are erecording non transferable documents only. We are using CSC and Simplifile. See information for both companies on the website.
My credit report shows an Indiana Department of Revenue tax lien on my record. It has that this lien is in the Recorder's Office. How do I obtain a copy of it?
The Recorder's Office does not have State Tax liens.
I received a solicitation by mail offering to sell me a copy of my deed to my property. Is this the only way to obtain a copy?
No,you may obtain a copy of your deed for only $1.00 per page from the Recorder's Office.
What forms does the Recorder's Office provide?
The only form the Recorder's Office has is the Assumed Business Name form.
I've paid off my mortgage. When will I receive my deed?
The deed is returned to whoever sent it to us for recording about a week after it's been recorded.
Does Jasper County have images available on line?
Yes. The Recorder's Office have documents digitized from 1963 to present.
Results 1-9 of 9