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Victim Assistance

The Jasper County Prosecutor's Office is committed to assisting victims of all crimes.  If you are a victim of a crime and the police are aware that you are the victim, we will attempt to contact you.  Our office will provide you with a letter informing you that we have charged the Defendant with a crime.  We will also provide you with a form that you can complete and return to our office.  This form will help us learn more about the losses you have incurred as a result of the crime.  If you want to seek restitution, or reimbursement, from the Defendant for any of those losses, we will need to know what your losses are.  We have attached a copy of the form for your convenience HERE.   In addition, the form will indicate whether you want to be notified of court dates.  Sometimes, our office negotiates with the Defendant and his/her attorney to reach a plea agreement and a resolution to the case.  You can indicate on the form if you choose to be notified of the plea agreement.

Sometimes, our office or the police will not be aware that you are a victim of a crime, or we are not able to contact you because we do not have a correct address or contact information.  If you have not been contacted by our office, you can complete and submit the attached form.  You may also contact our office at the number below for information. 

If you do not complete the form and return it to our office, you will not be notified of any court dates or plea agreements.  If you move or change your address while the criminal case is still pending, you will need to notify our office of your address change. 

After the Defendant appears at his or her first court hearing and pleads that he/she is not guilty of the crime, the Court will schedule court dates for the Defendant.  We will subsequently provide you with those dates if you have completed and returned the form indicating that you wish to be notified of court dates.  You have the right to attend any court hearing in which the Defendant appears.  However, please be aware that you will not be permitted to speak in open court during any court hearing until the Defendant is sentenced.  At the sentencing hearing, you have the right to speak in open court to the Judge if you choose.   

The Defendant has the right to plead guilty at the first court hearing.  If that occurs, you would only receive a copy of the Sentencing Order, which will indicate the sentence the Judge imposed for pleading guilty.

You can also keep informed of any court dates through Odyssey, the court's electronic docket.  We have attached the link to Odyssey HERE

If you have any questions, you can contact Eileen Phegley, our Victim's Assistance Coordinator at (219) 866-9413.