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12 Step Check List for Recordings

  1. Check that the document is complete.  Example:  If the document states an "exhibit" check to see if there is one. That the legal is complete and in the correct county.
  2. Document must be legible, has been printed, typewritten or computer generated. Black ink is required.
  3. See that the names on the document appear the same throughout the document.
  4. If it is a document which should contain a legal description, that there is one attached.
  5. If a deed is submitted, check to see if it contains a tax mailing address and grantees address, no PO Box.
  6. Check the document for correct notarization; that the Notary has met his/hers requirements such as Notary's  name printed, typed or stamped under signature, Notary's county of residence is present.  Notary's  commission expiration date is provided. A seal is required, per state, on document whether it be a stamp or an embossed impression.
  7. Documents that have been notarized in the State of Indiana must contain a "Prepared By" statement with the name of the preparer typed or printed at the end of the statement. Must be a person's  name, not the company's name.
  8. That each document contains the "Affirmation Statement" (redaction), A name is required at the end of the statement.  Again, name must be typed or printed.  This applies to all documents that require a "Prepared By" statement.  See IC 36-2-11-
  9. If the document is a "COPY" that it is marked a "COPY" and meets all recording requirements to be recorded.
  10. Make sure a reference is present on documents that require one.  Example: Releases, assignments and easements.
  11. You have enough funds to cover the recording fees.  See fee schedule.
  12. Any cross reference must be on first page.