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Beginning July 1, 2014, the new Indiana Criminal Code will take effect.  “There will be several changes to the current criminal code.  One of the major revisions is the reclassification of felonies,” says Jasper County Prosecutor Christine Haskell.  Felonies are currently classified as class A, B, C, and D felonies.  Starting July 1, 2014, felonies will be changed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Levels.  Not only will the structure of the classification of felonies change, but also the length of the sentence that can be imposed for each level will change.  In an attempt to make the sentences that defendants serve more certain for victims, the code has changed the amount of credit time a person serving time incarcerated will get.  Currently, except in certain situations, a person would get one day of credit for each day he or she serves.  Under the new code, people incarcerated for level 1 through level 5 felonies will have to serve 75% of their sentence.  For example, if a person is sentenced to six years of incarceration for a level 4 felony, he will be incarcerated for 4½ actual years.  “This change in credit time is important for victims and families to know how long the defendant will actually be serving in prison or jail.  Under the current system, it is hard to explain why someone who receives a 10 year sentence will really be out in 5 years,” states Prosecutor Haskell.  Misdemeanor sentences as well as level 6 felonies remain at the day for day credit, which means an incarcerated person will serve 50 percent of his or her sentence. 

New crimes have also been added to the criminal code beginning July 1.  A new category of property has been added to the criminal mischief statute as well as the criminal trespass statute.  Criminal mischief and criminal trespass crimes now include crimes committed on an agricultural operation, which includes any facility used for the production of crops, livestock, poultry, livestock products, poultry products, or horticultural products or for growing timber.  “The addition of this crime will be a valuable tool to counter the damage that is being done to farming equipment across our county,” says Prosecutor Haskell.    

The Legislature also addressed new laws relating to firearms.  Another crime has been added regarding the criminal transfer of a handgun.  This crime is intended to prevent a person from transferring a handgun to a person who is ineligible to purchase or receive a handgun and makes it a Level 5 Felony.  In addition, it makes it a crime if the person knows the individual is going to use the handgun to commit a crime.  In connection with firearms, another new crime makes it a level 6 felony for a person to steal a firearm from another person. 

Additional changes to the criminal code include the reduction of theft to a class A misdemeanor if the value of the property taken is valued at $749.99 or less.  If the value of the property taken is at least $750 but less than $50,000, the crime is a Level 6 Felony.  It is a Level 5 Felony if the value of the property is $50,000 or more.       

Due to the major changes to the criminal code, the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office has attached a copy of the revised Criminal Code.

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  • Indiana Criminal Code
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    Here is the Indiana Criminal Code that was updated on July 1, 2014.
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