Traffic Tickets

To The Traffic Violator:

NOTICE: Fee Increase Effective July 1, 2019

You have the right to admit, deny, or plead nolo contendere to a traffic violation.  Nolo contendere means that you consent to the entry of judgment without admitting you committed the violation.  If you deny you must appear in Court on the date the officer indicates on your ticket.

If you admit the violation, you may pay the fine and cost by mail IF the charge on the ticket is listed below.  If paying by mail, you must send a MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER'S CHECK made payable to:  Clerk, Jasper Circuit Court, and mail it to the above address.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT A PERSONAL CHECK, ONLINE CHECK, OR COMPANY CHECK.  Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in which we can return a clerk's receipt.





Seatbelt Violation / No Child Restraint $25.00 None $25.00
Viewing / Texting While Driving $4.50    $135.50    $140.00
Speeding 1-15 mph over the speed limit $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Speeding 16-25 mph over the speed limit $9.50 $135.50 $145.00
Speeding 26-30 mph over the speed limit $14.50 $135.50 $150.00
Speeding 31 mph and over $19.50 $135.50 $155.00
Speeding in a work zone IC 9-21-5-11 $304.50 $135.50 $440.00
Overtaking and Passing in a work zone IC 9-21-8-7. $14.00  $146.00 $160.00
No Valid Driver License $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Expired Plates/Registration $5.00 $135.00 $140.00
Disregarding Stop Sign $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Driving Left of Center $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Following too Close $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Littering $30.00 $135.00 $165.00
Littering with Lighted Material $4.50 $135.50 $140.00
Tobacco/E-cigarette $5.00 $135.00 $140.00
Failure to yield $4.50 $135.00 $140.00
Improper or No Tail Light $5.00 $135.00 $140.00
*Illegal Passing of Stopped Bus $4.50 $135.00 $340.00
Driving While Suspended-contact the office      
Conservation Tickets-contact the office    

If you have two or more citations from the same traffic stop, you will be required to pay the court costs for one violation plus the fines for both violations.

*Safe School Fee additional $200.00

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay your ticket by the stated Court date, the Court may suspend your license.

If interested in the Deferral Program, call the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's Office at 219-866-9413

If you have any questions regarding your citation, please contact the Clerk of the Court at (219) 866-4909.

If you want to protest your ticket, you will need to appear in person in the Circuit Court located on the 3rd floor of the Jasper County Courthouse on your scheduled date and time on the ticket.