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Jasper County Highway Department
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Driveway Permits

All residents wishing to place a driveway or field entrance off of a county road are required to obtain a driveway permit from the Jasper County Highway Department. The home-builder must acquire this permit prior to application for a building permit. To receive a driveway permit, the home-builder must come into the JCHD office with the following information:
  • location of property (subdivision or county road on which it is located and the approximate distance from nearest crossroad)
  • township in which property is located
  • if within subdivision, road within subdivision on which property is located
  • if within subdivision, lot number
  • name and current address of applicant
  • phone number where applicant can be reached
  • $100 cash or check, payable to the Treasurer of Jasper County
Upon receiving the driveway permit, the supervisor or one of the assistant supervisors will inspect the property within 2 to 3 business days to determine whether or not the driveway requires a culvert. The applicant will then be notified. If no culvert is needed, the home-builder may proceed without further action. If a culvert is required, the home-builder will be notified of the specifications to which the driveway pipe must adhere. The culvert may be purchased at the highway department, according to the prices listed in the following table. The culvert must be inspected by the Highway Department following installation.